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Clan Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:17 am

~Clan Rules~

General Rules:
1) Follow all jagex rules.
2) Please do as asked by gold star+ members.
3) Please attend at least eight events per month - if not, you will be kicked.
4) Please don't spam the clan chat.
5) Please don't beg people for items/money.
6) Please do not ask for a promotion, we will promote people who we see fit to do a job within the clan.
7) Please do not be in more than one clan.
8) Please inform us, on this thread, when you change your name.
9) Please bump this forum thread as often as you can.
10) And PLEASE have fun in our clan!

Clan Chat Rules:
1) No spamming.
2) Keep bad language to an absolute minimum, none if possible.
3) Racial, Homophobic, or any other kind of abuse will not be tolerated. Clan members who abuse other clan members will be kicked, banned from the cc, reported and hopefully have their account banned by Jagex.

- No saying "Gay" loosely as a joke - it can be very offensive.

4) No advertising of gambling friends chats of any sort.

Event Rules:
1) Do as leaders ask of you during events.
2) NEVER back stab clan-mates. (I.e. kill during pking event/lure into red portal). - You will be kicked from the clan.
3) Please keep talking to a minimum during clan meetings. If you wish to say something during a meeting, please pm a leader and/or the current speaker - they will hand over to you when they've finished.)
4) Do not host your own events at the time of the daily clan event.
5) Do not mess around during events or behave in a way that disrupts the event. This causes stress, frustration and you will not be looked kindly upon by other members.
5) Always join the friends chat of the host of the event (usually a leader) so that you can be counted for attendance. For Citadel events, the clan chat will be used.
6) Please try to stay at the event for at least 30 minutes. Inform the event's host if you need to leave early.

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