Our Leaders/Rank Structure

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Our Leaders/Rank Structure

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:18 am

~Ranked Member-List~

(Please note, this is difficult to keep track of. For a completely accurate member-list, please see our clan page.)

Gold/Silver Key - Leaders:
~Crazedmayhem (Joe)
~M3my5elfand1 (Daryl)

Overseers/Citadel Technicians:
~ FlabberJab
~ Comet VI

Ranked Council Members:
~ RobBD (Head of Recruitment)
~ Ciaudia - High Warlord
~ Eluw - Head of Events

Bronze Star - Recruitment Team:
~ TBU Quagmire
~ Nellie911

Bronze Star - Event Organisers:
~ SubCulture
~ Aazjor

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